#69 From Self-Doubt to Self-Love

Today's Guest: Laurie Seymour

Today, I interview Laurie Seymour whose father was her best friend. Growing up with three brothers, she confided in her father and he was her sounding board and source of encouragement. When he died she was still quite young, and her mother was forced to pick up the pieces, struggling with overwhelming new emotional and financial stresses.

Laurie was often left out of the equation. She just didn’t fit, and there wasn’t much time for her. She retreated within herself, only allowing some parts of herself to be seen in the world. During her childhood, Laurie was a good student and was known to be very intelligent, as evidenced by her work and her confidence in front of the class. She had lots of good experiences but never allowed them to become a part of her life and her story– never really embracing her life. Losing her father had caused a lack of stability in her life, and those feelings of doubt turned into self-doubt for her.

After a journey through college and even becoming a therapist herself, Laurie eventually encountered a teacher with whom she had an “energetic experience”. This allowed her to finally open up and reconnect to her self-love. She felt a deep connection to her own existence, and it allowed some of those gaps in her mind and heart to come together. Laurie now practices mindfulness, staying in the present and focusing on the truth. She no longer gives self-doubt her time or attention because it has no productive value for her. Today, she teaches others how to tap into their own inner energy and harness it for guidance and stability.


Laurie Seymour, Quantum Connection Mentor, 2x international #1 best-selling author, and founder/CEO of The Baca Institute, is internationally known as the source for Source. She helps visionary leaders and conscious business owners shift their vibration for more energy, focus, inspiration, and joy in their business and personal lives, leading to streamlined project creation and implementation and financial abundance. Laurie is also host of the Wisdom Talk Radio podcast, listened to in over 60 countries!

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Transcript of Interview

Transcript of Interview

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Episode #69 Laurie Seymour

“From Self-Doubt to Self-Love”

(00:35) Dr. Doreen Downing

Hi, this is Dr. Doreen Downing and I am a psychologist and host of the Find Your Voice, Change Your Life podcast. What I love about interviewing people is that I get to hear life stories, the genuine, the real way that people came into this life and encountered whatever it was, the challenges, and that’s what they share here. We get to go along on this inner journey to listen to how they found their voice. Today, I’m introducing you to Laurie Seymour. Hi, Laurie.


(01:13) Laurie Seymour

Hi, Doreen. It’s wonderful to be here with you.


(01:16) Dr. Doreen Downing

I know we’ve had a conversation before and I’d like to introduce you just so that people get a sense of how amazing you already are in your life and the kind of work that you do.


(01:28) Laurie Seymour

Thank you.


(01:29) Dr. Doreen Downing

Yes. Laurie Seymour, Quantum Connection Mentor, two times international number one best-selling author, and founder CEO of The Baca Institute is internationally known as the source for Source. You got to take a deep breath there because that is so deep. She helps visionary leaders and conscious business owners shift their vibration for more energy, focus, inspiration, and joy in their business and personal lives, leading to streamline project creation and implementation and financial abundance. Laurie, you’re also host of the Wisdom Talk Radio podcast. That’s where we first met. I’m really excited about coming out, as you say in over 60 countries.


(2:28) Laurie Seymour

I can’t wait for that too.


(2:33) Dr. Doreen Downing

Well, so welcome today to Find Your Voice Change Your Life.


(02:36) Laurie Seymour

Thank you, Doreen, I really am excited to have another conversation with you. Because we really had a couple of conversations, each of them has been so special and memorable. I can say that across the board. But my conversations with you have really been memorable.


(02:55) Dr. Doreen Downing

Yes, well, I already feel it. I already feel a sense of little shivers in my body because I know it’s like this anticipation of both of us wandering and wandering into the unknown and listening to what wants to be said right here, right now for ourselves. Then it vibrates out to listeners who happened to be also drawn to this particular episode.


(03:23) Laurie Seymour



(03:25) Dr. Doreen Downing

I know you know the content here usually, and it is about— I always like to start, where did you begin? How did you come into this world? We can go way, way back, of course, like past lives, but just in general. To me, where we first learn about ourselves and how we express ourselves and who’s receiving us in this world, are they saying, “Yay, you,” or are they looking the other direction, or expecting too much of us, or comparing us to other people. What were the conditions, I guess I might say, early on? Just tell us what your early life was like, please.


(04:11) Laurie Seymour

Well, the most important and most fundamental in so many different ways for me was that my father died when I was not quite seven. I had three brothers. I was a third of four. One of the biggest impacts of that was that he was the person that I understood and felt loved by in my family, and he left. So, my experience was sort of like the love left. My mother was just so busy and so stressed. She was stressed with four kids, but when once my father was gone, she was stressed on every level… money. How are we going to survive? What are we going to do? My father did not leave means to support us all. His death was a surprise. Yet that struggle, what that struggle for my mother did was— I wasn’t heard, not perhaps because she didn’t care or wasn’t interested, but she didn’t have time. So, I grew up very much within myself. I knew a lot about being by myself, being with myself. There was something in the translation between how do you connect with your deepest self and bring that forward, express that? When you talk about speaking, for example. Speaking as in teaching, being a speaker, all the different ways that we can show up. For me, it’s been years of learning about how to go both directions at the same time. In other words, how to go deep within and then how to bring that out. That’s taking it into action. Because we can explore ourselves forever, but if we don’t bring that out in some way, then there’s something fundamental that doesn’t— This just occurs to me right now. It doesn’t grow up in us. I’ve never said it that way. I’ve never even thought it that way. But everything that comes to us takes action, requires action on our part to take it into its next step, to bring something into creation or into fruition.


(06:57) Dr. Doreen Downing

Yes, oh, wonderful. I love providing this open space for you to find the words to express something. Actually, I have not heard it expressed as you’ve just done also. Usually, our voices are mirrored back to us. What you’re saying, there really wasn’t a mirror there, so that you didn’t get a sense of the voice coming out, and being heard, and received, and witnessed, and all of that. What I’m getting is that increased your capacity to listen to yourself in such a way that the part of you that then listened to yourself brought more of that out. That’s what I’m hearing right now.


(07:41) Laurie Seymour

Yes. It was that and I also didn’t often trust what that inner experience was. Because there’s something in that mirroring process that helps us to really trust that and I didn’t. When I was hurt, and I was hurt marvelously by teachers. But what teachers heard, and respected, and appreciated about me was that I was smart. I was a good student. I listened in class. I engaged. My second-grade teacher invited me to teach the class because I had a dream. But it was that part of me that was celebrated, that part of me that I could run with in the world, but there was so much else. It set up a, yes, there’s that, but that doesn’t seem like what the world is acknowledging. Maybe that’s not really valuable or even, maybe that’s not true.


(08:46) Dr. Doreen Downing

Yes. I am understanding a little bit more now. Why we’re drawn together this way, I went all the way to PhD, because teachers are where I found the reflection back of my voice. But to actually go even deeper beyond what maybe teachers applauded, or heard, or found, is what’s my true voice.


(09:17) Laurie Seymour

Exactly. And what’s beyond the rational mind. Now, I became a psychotherapist, and certainly appreciated the emotional, and had that work to do with myself, first of all. That was my work. But there’s this whole other realm that while I might have experienced stuff, I couldn’t value them. I couldn’t really bring them into my experience. I certainly didn’t bring them into the work I did with other people. Until probably the mid-80s. I also went through having issues with my thyroid. There’s expression right there. The need to express but the holding back.


(10:07) Dr. Doreen Downing

Yes, that is something we certainly share as being psychotherapists sitting in our offices and being really gifted listeners and being, well, somebody always said that, good therapist polishes their mirror so that they can reflect back to others. But that doesn’t really say much about how we find our voice. We’re skilled at listening. We provide a safe space for others. Then what are the spaces where we find our voice? So, listening to you and having this conversation is partly people who do know that there’s something deeper and more within that takes a different kind of listening.


(10:57) Laurie Seymour

It does. That really is so much a big part of my work now. Most recently, I created this new class, and it’s around learning how to work with your inner guidance, learning how to listen to it, trust it, express it. It’s called inner guidance mastery blueprint. It’s because that was a missing piece. Teaching the steps, teaching the processes for that. I was teaching people about how to take their inspiration into action. So much of what I was about or made about is about how to learn how to listen. But this was the next step of that, even though it was the beginning step. Because people might think they listen, but so often, they’re listening to old stories. They’re listening to old ways of doing things like they have been taught. To venture is in the beginning is moving into the unknown. That’s a whole other skill set and a whole other capacity that that takes.


(12:09) Dr. Doreen Downing

Yes, I love the word journey, and what you’re talking about right now is a journey inward. I know that earlier, you talked not only about what’s inside, but to really be more fully known in this world, and to be offering and living your gift, there has to be some kind of action. But before we talk more about that, I want to go back because I got a real sense of here you are, this little one coming into the world, you got surrounded by brothers and you lose the love so early. There’s a sense though, the way that he loved you remained inside. That’s what I get. You, to me, have a loving spirit.


(13:05) Laurie Seymour

I had to come back to it though. That’s actually what my book is about, which I haven’t yet put out.


(13:12) Dr. Doreen Downing

Well, if you’re willing to go a little bit into that, I’d love to hear because, I just felt it when you talked about your father leaving and then what was left. Yes, of course, some sadness, but there was the fact that you spent those years and you felt loved so what is the book?


(13:33) Laurie Seymour

But see, yes, I felt it. But because he left, then I just started doubting everything. Doubt actually took a far bigger place in my system. Self-doubt then the love. It’s like, yes, I know it stayed there within me, yet it really wasn’t for many years later, long after I became a therapist. And it was really when I met a particular teacher, that I had some energy experienced. I had some energetic experiences that opened that up again, that allowed me to really feel that self-love. It wasn’t tied to somebody else. It wasn’t tied to anyone else. It was that feeling, that in-rush of, oh, this exists. I exist. I am here. That connection meant that separation, any separation I felt or imagined was not true. So, at any time, even now, anytime there’s a glimmer of doubt that comes in, the feeling of that is so far in now. It’s become so far where before it was, that was it?


(15:06) Dr. Doreen Downing

Yes, well, I get that with mindfulness, you can recognize the sense of doubt. Know that that’s not truth, not the real truth, and that there’s a pathway that you’ve discovered that takes you, when I introduced you, there was about you being the source of Source. So, what the Source is, say more.


(15:33) Laurie Seymour

I’m glad you asked, because it’s more than the knowing. I think I came into this world, knowing a lot. There was some way I came in ultra-experienced. But I’ve had to catch up with all of that. This has been much more of a knowing how that connection with Source feels in my body, feels in every cell in my body. The self-doubt is such a diminished kind of thing. It feels like something you’ve allowed and you go, why would I want to eat that, smelling soured milk, it’s not good. It’s not right. It’s past its time. It’s not good for your system. What I’d experienced or what I experienced, and then came to know as Truth, and capital T, Truth is. It’s more than mindfulness. It’s really feeling this qualitative difference. Oh, now this, this is truth. This is what I want to stay with. I don’t even have to think about where that’s come from, truly, because that takes me down that rabbit hole. Why do I want to go down that rabbit hole because it’s not productive for me.


(17:01) Dr. Doreen Downing

This wisdom that you’re sharing right now, so that listeners can hear, is that the sense of these negative ideas that are thoughts about ourselves like self-doubt, would be one that we’re talking about right now. Is this like, okay, there’s something more for all of us, besides what we’ve come to think or believe. And when I see you, when I see your story, I get that locked inside. It was like this treasure chest of love that your father had begun to give. Then also what the gifts, like you’re talking about, that you came into this world. Then to me, that’s what this work is that you do and that we support in others is that within there’s something really magnificent. How do we guide people there and those who are listening today? How do we, besides just tell you, hey, there’s more to life, there’s more to you, there’s more really. That’s where I am right now is just thinking we’ve got listeners who are saying, yeah, well, I hear you, but how do I do it? So, you started to talk about your work or your book, but right before I go there, what was the breakthrough? You talked about this teacher that opened you up to a new sense of being is what it sounds like.


(18:36) Laurie Seymour

It was an energy transmission. That was where I experienced it. That was part of the gift that I was given over 25 years ago now. Where I have been given the stewardship of those ways of opening people up, energetically, because that whole blueprint of who we are is there in ourselves. If we continued with the old operating system, we never tap into that, we never allow that. But it’s all there in place. You know that. I know you. That’s how you work. It’s tapping into that original blueprint.


(19:22) Dr. Doreen Downing

Yes. Continue please, because I think that this, where we are right now, for our listeners, oh, a blueprint. I have one? It’s just like the aha! Well.


(19:33) Laurie Seymour

Yes, we do. Each of us do. We each of us have the capacity to both tap into that and to activate it, and to be able to have that inner guidance be something that’s there and reliable and consistent. It’s not like, we have to go on top of a mountain and meditate for six months before we come to something. There is a learning, there is a practicing, there is a learning about the feeling body, meaning the sensory body that tells us, oh, this feels right, this doesn’t. How do you start paying attention to that in such a way that you get that, you can refine it? Because it’s there. In some of us, it’s more pronounced, and some of us will use it more. All of us can continue to refine that process.


(20:39) Dr. Doreen Downing

What I’m getting also, Laurie, is that this guidance within is a form of voice, where if you’re saying listening— Bringing it back to finding your voice.


(20:55) Laurie Seymour

Yes. I’m so glad you said that. I’m so excited. Because just before I got on, there was something that was coming to me about, I think I’d written this a few weeks ago, about the inner and outer. Why I think it’s so important to have that outer manifestation is because it’s all about listening to the inner voice, then speaking from that. How do you speak from that inner voice? How do you allow that inner voice to make that connection and that transition? Trust it? Part of my learning was, how do I speak in the moment? How do I connect with what I call the right frequency? And I actually experienced it that way, like the right physical vibration. When we’re coming into something new, that’s often the time we stopped trusting ourselves. Oh, well, this doesn’t feel right. Because it’s not what’s known. It’s not what’s known by us. But if we were to say, okay, this isn’t familiar, but everything feels okay. Let me experiment with speaking this aloud whatever this is, and then paying attention to how that feels in my body. Because that’s when you get to notice, did your stomach tighten up because it didn’t feel good? Did you feel kind of expansion in your chest like you could breathe more deeply and there’s more flow? Did you feel more joy? And that’s all part of finding and expressing your voice.


(22:41) Dr. Doreen Downing

Yes. Well, I would love to keep on journeying into this wonderland of being more of who we can be, because that’s the opportunity that we have in line. I’d like to make sure that people, before we end, have a way to contact you and then anything you want to say about your programs.


(23:05) Laurie Seymour

Alright, thank you. My website, which is the best place to reach me is the baca, B and that’s B as in boy A-C-A, thebacainstitute.com. There you can, first of all, and I do invite you for this, you can have what I call is a quantum connection call with me. That’s a way to say when you want— You may already know, I want more. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it looks like. But I want more. That’s a place to explore what that could be, explore what it might be to work together, explore the different programs, which starts with that inner guidance mastery blueprint, and then goes on to a weekend intensive of inspiration into action. That’s where you learn how to energetically sustain the inspiration that brought you the great idea. But take that all the way up to form and revenue. Because revenue is really important here too. It’s not to leave that out of the picture. Then there’s some other programs that are by invitation only but actually, go onto my website and take the quantum connection quiz. Because you’ll find out your own connection. What’s your typical way of— What’s your fundamental way, i’ll say that, of connecting the Source, of connecting with this quantum universe?


(24:37) Dr. Doreen Downing

Could you say what quantum means to you?


(24:44) Laurie Seymour

There’re a few different levels of meaning when I use that word. One is that we know that we are part of a quantum field and a quantum universe meaning that there is so much more that we don’t see, that we don’t recognize, that we don’t necessarily tune into. That because I’m part of this quantum field, what I experience here also means that I might pick up what’s happening on the other side of the world. I don’t want to get into particles and waves and all of that. But the quantum physicists have demonstrated over and over and over and over again, so we know it’s fact that we are part of this quantum field, and that there’s so much that is within this field that we can tap into that is beyond just what our rational mind can offer to us.


(25:45) Dr. Doreen Downing

Well, that’s exactly it right there. What you just said. That our rational mind …that’s what we are. I think in our society nowadays too, is that there’s so many more people who are coming to what you’re talking about that there are other ways of how we learn, how we grow, how we exist, and what’s possible for ourselves. I did take that test or that quiz, and there are categories, right?


(26:18) Laurie Seymour

Yes, there are four different types. There’s the maker, the pioneer, the bridge builder, and then the creative dreamer.


(26:34) Dr. Doreen Downing

Well, they all are very— They’re like archetypes, right? Are you saying that we come into this world with the blueprint, do you think?


(26:47) Laurie Seymour

No, this is another level up from that, which is because the blueprint is quite comprehensive. It’s part of tapping into our operating system. This is one aspect of it. Sometimes people will say, well, I feel like this, but I also feel like that. Because it’s not a cut and dried kind of thing. But there’s one that we tend to gravitate towards. Within that, part of taking the quiz is finding out what are your mastery keys? In other words, what do you need to master to really make full use of what your style is? The other piece is what are the things that you’re likely to stumble upon? What are the things that are going to be more difficult given that this style is here? How do you work with that?


(27:43) Dr. Doreen Downing

Well, certainly sounds like, know thyself.


(27:48) Laurie Seymour

Always. Know thyself, and express thyself.


(27:52) Dr. Doreen Downing

Oh, I like that. That sounds like a really good way to end our time today. To know thyself and express thyself.


(28:02) Laurie Seymour

I think we brought it full circle, haven’t we?


(28:05) Dr. Doreen Downing

Yes. Oh, I really so appreciate all our conversations and look forward to opening up new realms as we move forward. Thank you so much, Laurie.


(28:17) Laurie Seymour

Thank you, Doreen, for having me on your show. I’m honored.

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